Saturday, November 22, 2014


I did like several things that I viewed in the video from Caitlin Tucker.  The way she used Diigo for online annotating was great.  I think the idea behind a flipped classroom is very neat and I would love to say realistic.  However, I don't feel that it is as easy and "great" as portrayed.  I think that for one who is a bit "tech savy" so to speak would be able to utilize it.  But, I feel it might be a bit overwhelming for other teachers who are just now comfortable with the standard technology provided inside their classroom.  I do see how it would more actively engage students and have them learning without even realizing they are learning.  At the elementary level I don't see it being a good tool to use at the level she used it at.  I know a teacher who does post videos to her website of her working math problems so the students may refer to it if they are stuck on a homework problem, and I think that is a great idea!  To each their own...I love the idea of a flipped classroom and eventually I see it being a more useful technique, but at this time I can't see it being used to the fullest way Mrs. Tucker did.

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