Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Engage Me or Enrage Me???

Marc Prensky did an awesome job of portraying how students are in todays classroom.  Students are no longer robots that will sit in their desk with pens and paper and listen to lectures.  They must be constantly engaged because that is their world.  We, my generation, tend to label students as ADD/ADHD when it is simply that the students are listening because they are BORED! I think this was an excellent point made.  I think many teachers could benefit greatly from listening to this presentation.  

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  1. Hopefully you can help me when I begin using video games to help with learning. Right now, the students play games of their choice when they finish assignments/test earlier than others.
    Video/gaming learning, is scary to me…..Its releasing the control!!!!
    Seriously though, I do worry about students abusing this privilege and how to patrol it since students are using their own devices. Also, many of them are not reading as much as they were before device use in the classroom. How do we balance it?