Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Boxing the Cable Boxes

As I watched my husband take the cable box down and pull the cable from behind the T.V. I couldn't help but smile.   Just hours earlier our 2 year old was running and jumping around the living room like a wild animal, her version of dancing, while I was holding my breath praying she didn't step on her 4 month old brother who was laughing and talking to her.  While the "princess was putting on her show, the 14 year old was steadily asking questions about how she could answer her homework assignments, laundry was being started and the thought of cooking supper made me cringe.  The one thing that wasn't adding to our chaos was the television.  Now, don't think we are the people who are anti-television.  You see the problem is when we do sit down to try and watch T.V., we are so exhausted by that point we fall asleep, or we only get to watch bits and pieces of it because somebody needs something.  

I often think back to the times when we did watch T.V. and have adult conversations. It seems like a lifetime ago.  The times when my husband and I would snuggle on the couch and watch our shows religiously every week.  Oh, and the times that we would stay up late to watch that movie during the week, because well we could sleep all night and even until that very last minute before having to get up and get ready for work.  Then one simple word brings me back..."momma"  I love the chaos, I love the exhaustion, I love the mundane everyday "stuff".  So, tonight as I watched the cable boxes being boxed up I smiled because there isn't a package that can bring me the joy or the entertainment that I have right in front of me everyday...and I don't have to wait for the next season to see what happens next ;) 

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